Representing members engaged in the international meat trade

The International Meat Trade Association is the leading UK trade association in facilitating the trade in meat, both exports and imports.

Our expertise in customs, veterinary checks, the World Trade Organisation, free trade agreements, tariff rate quotas (including their administration) is established in our history which reaches back to 1895 when the first imports of frozen meat came from Australia, New Zealand and South America.

Nowadays trade is in both chilled and frozen products from both the EU and further afield. IMTA is a UK Trade Association but, our members have expertise in international trade, importing and exporting to several continents around the world.  However the EU market is also an integral aspect of many of our members' businesses both on import and export.

We represent importers and exporters of beef, lamb, pork and poultrymeat. Associate members bring expertise from across the supply chain from shipping and insurance to cold storage and logistics.

IMTA is a member of UECBV (The European Meat & Livestock Trades Union) as well as an associate member of the Global Meat Alliance.  

We keep our members informed of legislative, policy and trade developments affecting their business via our daily news bulletin and resources on the website, including meeting reports and market intelligence reports.  Members are encouraged to contact us with any queries or troubleshooting and we will do our upmost to help.