Representing members engaged in the international meat trade


Trading Members

Trading members import and export beef, lamb, pork and poultrymeat. Members trade meat all around the world.

For more information on the role of a meat trader, see our briefing note.

Associate Members

IMTA’s associate members are companies from sectors linked very closely with the meat trade such as freight forwarders who specialise in the refrigerated cargo sector and cold storage providers.

Name Activities Imports Exports
A F Blakemore Fresh Foods Ltd Beef Sheepmeat Poultry Pork Beef Sheepmeat Poultry Pork
AFFCO Europe Ltd Beef Sheepmeat
Ace4Trading Beef Mutton Lamb Veal Mutton Lamb Doner Meat
Action Meats Ltd Beef Sheepmeat Poultry Pork
Ailsa Trade Limited Beef Sheepmeat Poultry
Alliance Group (NZ) Ltd Beef Sheepmeat Venison
Anzco Foods (UK) Ltd Beef Sheepmeat
BM Foods Limited
Belwood Foods Ltd Poultry
Botswana Meat Commission Beef
Browns Food Group Beef Poultry
Creative Foods Europe Poultry
Crown Foods Ltd Beef Poultry Pork
Cucuta Ltd Poultry
DB Foods Ltd Beef Sheepmeat Poultry Pork Game Beef Sheepmeat Poultry Pork Game
Dawn Meats Global Beef Sheepmeat Beef Sheepmeat
EU Meatex BV
Easyfare Ltd Poultry
Fairfax Meadow Europe Ltd
Famiglia Castagnetta Beef Sheepmeat Poultry Pork Beef Sheepmeat Poultry Pork
Food Trac Ltd Poultry
Food-Bridge Ltd Poultry Poultry
Forrester (Sales) Ltd Poultry
GPS Food Group (UK) Ltd Beef Sheepmeat Poultry Pork Beef Sheepmeat Poultry Pork 5th Qtr/Offals
GVFI Europe BV Beef Sheepmeat Poultry Pork Game Horsemeat
George Abrahams Ltd Beef Sheepmeat Beef Sheepmeat
H Smith Food Group plc Poultry Pork
Hilton Food Solutions Beef Poultry Pork Game Fish Lamb Beef Poultry Pork Game Fish Lamb
Intermeats Ltd Beef Sheepmeat Poultry Pork Beef Sheepmeat Poultry Pork Fish
Invicta Foods Ltd Beef Poultry
JBS Global (UK) Ltd Beef Sheepmeat Pork
James Burden Ltd Beef Poultry
Jan Zandbergen UK Ltd
Ken Read & Son Limited Poultry
Kühne & Heitz UK Limited Sheepmeat Poultry Pork Beef Poultry Pork
Lakeside Food Group Ltd Beef Sheepmeat Poultry Pork Poultry
Lamex Foods Ltd Poultry Pork Seafood Beef Sheepmeat Poultry Pork
Longday Foods Ltd Poultry
M & M Meat International bv Beef Poultry
MPO Global Trade UK Limited Beef Poultry Seafood Lamb
Meadow vale Foods Limited Poultry Poultry
Meat Corporation of Namibia (UK) Ltd Beef
Minerva Europe Ltd Beef
Monaco Foods Sam Beef
Monarch Foods International Beef Sheepmeat Beef Sheepmeat Poultry Pork Offal
Moy Park Poultry Poultry
Mulberry International Limited Beef
Nomad Foods Europe
Norwest Foods International Ltd Beef Sheepmeat Poultry Pork Beef Sheepmeat Poultry Pork 5th Qtr/Offals
Oakfield Foods Ltd Beef Sheepmeat Poultry
Ovation New Zealand (UK) Sheepmeat
Peter Thompson Group Plc Import of poultrymeat and wholesale and distribution of poultry, pork, and beef. Poultry Poultry
QK Meats Ltd Beef Poultry Beef Poultry Pork Lamb
Red Lion Poultry
Reids of Norwich Ltd Beef Poultry Beef Poultry
Silver Fern Farms (UK) Ltd Sheepmeat
Sino International Trading LTD Poultry Meat Pork Poultry Meat
Towers Thompson Ltd Beef Sheepmeat Poultry Pork Poultry Pork
Trans Oceanic Meat Co Ltd Beef Sheepmeat Pork Pork Processing
Two Counties Foods Ltd Beef Sheepmeat Poultry Pork Game
Tyson International, Inc. Europe Beef
Van Aerde UK Limited Beef Sheepmeat Poultry Pork Game Venison Veal Fish Beef Sheepmeat Poultry Pork Veal Fish
Vestey Foods UK Ltd Beef Sheepmeat Poultry Pork Seafood Beef Sheepmeat Poultry Pork
Vine Meats
W W Giles (Smithfield) Ltd Beef Sheepmeat
Weddel Swift Ltd Beef Sheepmeat Pork Beef Sheepmeat Poultry Pork Offal
Name Activities
Argentine Beef Promotion Institute (IPCVA) marketing , research and information for Argentine Beef
Australian Meat Industry Council Representing the Australian meat processing and export sector
Bannerman Rendell Limited Insurance Brokers
Beef & Lamb New Zealand Ltd Representing the New Zealand beef and lamb producers
Bord Bia Bord Bia is the Irish government agency whose mission is to drive, through market insight, and, in partnership with industry, the commercial success of a world class Irish food, drink and horticulture industry. The organisation acts as a link between Irish food, drink and horticulture suppliers and existing and potential customers around the world with 14 international offices globally.
DP World Southampton DP World Southampton – providing services to move cargo and produce safely and securely through the strategically located port of Southampton.
Edge Worldwide Logistics Limited Specialists in temperature controlled deep sea shipping, Air freight and European Logistics
Eville & Jones (UK) Ltd International specialists in Official Controls, veterinary certification and trade facilitation.
Instituto Nacional de Carnes INAC is a non-state public body of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay and was created to propose, advise on and execute the National Meat Policy, which is established by the Executive Power. In compliance with the above, the objectives of INAC are to promote, regulate, coordinate and monitor activities of production, transformation, commercialization, storage and transportation of meat. Uruguayan meat is known throughout the world for its high quality and delicious taste. Learn what makes our meats so special. URUGUAY: LOCATED IN THE SOUTH AMERICAN PAMPAS The country has optimal conditions to produce beef naturally due to its temperate weather, fertile soils and privileged hydrography. More than 80% of the territory is dedicated to livestock and each animal, has a pasture space equivalent to 2 soccer fields. BRITISH BREEDS RAISED IN THE OPEN AIR The main breeds are HEREFORD and ANGUS. The animals live in the open air all year round, raised based on a rich variety of natural pastures, under the most updated prac
Kuehne + Nagel Ltd The Kuehne + Nagel Group is one of the world’s leading logistics companies.
London Container Terminal (Tilbury) Ltd London Container Terminal
Maersk Line UK Ltd Containerized shipping
Maritime Cargo Services Maritime Cargo Services the forwarder of choice for many companies who import meat into the UK.
Meat & Livestock Australia Ltd Marketing, research and development for Australian meat producers.
Norish Limited Third party multi temperature warehousing and logistics business, specialising in the handling and storage of imported and exported meat and protein products in 6 sites across the country, all of which are bonded facilities with blast freezing also available at 4 sites.
Perishable Movements Limited PML is a freight handling agent we operate from our 64,000 sq ft temperature controlled facility at LHR, we can offer temperature regimes ranging from ambient to chilled and deep frozen, the facility is BRC accredited for storage and distribution, we are able to offer export solution via air and sea along with a full import solutions also for sea and air, along with full UK deliver coverage, PML is also AEO accredited.
Premier Freight Services Limited Freight forwarding specialists, transport arrange with own trucks, customs formalities for both Frozen & chilled.
Reefer Dist. Services Limited Deep sea transportation of refrigerated cargo.
Seafast Logistics Limited Seafast Logistics provide global integrated logistics services directly tailored to your needs.
Thermotraffic Holland BV Perishable Freight Forwarder Specialists: Door-to-Door Shipping, Coldstores, Customs/VET Clearances, EU-regulation Expertise.
US Meat Export Federation Nonprofit U.S. meat trade association
W. Saunders (Shipping & Forwarding) Ltd Port Health/Customs Clearance Specialists